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Frequent cleaning (scaling) will damage the teeth.

No. Regular dental checkup every 6 months and oral prophylaxis i.e, Proffessional cleaning (scaling; cleaning) is very essential at every 6 months. It will not cause any damage to the teeth and wear and tear (of the teeth) .

Removal of upper teeth will reduce the eyesight and mental IQ

No. There is no connection between tooth removal, eye and brain.

Removal of wisdom teeth will cause problem to the wisdom.

No. Many times wisdom tooth will cause problem when they are erupting. It is better to remove the wisdom teeth surgically by experts, rather than suffering from repeated gum infections.

Eating/ chewing pan will reduce the incidence of caries .

May be the incidence of caries is less in pan chewers , but pan chewing over a period of time will cause dangerous diseases like cancer.

Artificial dentures are made of human teeth.

No. It is made of plastic material known as acrylic.

Going to dentist and then getting treatment like scaling will cause / spread blood borne infections like HIV, Hepatitis etc.

No. With properly sterilized instruments, there is no risk of infection spread.

Extraction of milk teeth will retard the growth of child.

No. There is no relation between growth of child and extraction of milk teeth. Child will attain normal height irrespective of the extraction.

Milk teeth need not be taken care since they are anyway going to fall.

No. Milk teeth are as important as the permanent teeth, since they play a very important role in the development of child's speech, the child's appearance and above all, the milk teeth hold spaces for the respective permanent teeth which come later and avoid any crookedness in their alignment.