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1. Which is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a tooth brush  &  how often one should change tooth brush?

Ans: A small head to get into all the difficult to reach places in your mouth with soft bristles and slight ansulation with the long axis of hand & once in two months one should change tooth brush regularly.

2. Which is the best drink which is least likely to wear away your teeth and good for your health.

Ans: Water, tender coconut, Worst drinks – Cola, Pepsi, aerated drinks.

3. When should you first start to clean a childs teeth?

Ans: As soon as a baby’s very first teeth appear.

4. Why milk teeth should be taken care of from the moment they emerge from the Gums?

Ans: * Baby teeth hold a place and serve as spacers for the permanent teeth.

* Decay and early loss of these baby teeth can cause loss of space for the permanent teeth which leads to the permanent teeth shifting and may cause orthodontic problems for your child.

* Healthy baby teeth are important in helping your baby speak clearly and properly.

* Nice looking teeth are important for your baby’s self confidence missing teeth, decaying teeth or bad breath can lead to your child getting teased by other children.

* Your baby will need these baby teeth for biting and chewing without these teeth, your child might not get the proper nutrition.

5. If you do want to enjoy a sugary treat, when is the most ‘tooth-friendly’ time to eat it?

Ans: Along with the meal. Avoid eating in between the meals.

6. Does flouride in tooth paste make any difference to the health of your teeth?

Ans: The flouridation of tooth paste has hugely improved oral health and incidence of cavities are reduced drastically. We strongly recommend fluoridated tooth paste (of any brand) as compared to non fluoridated herbal tooth paste.